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In The Spotlight: Professional Singer’s Promo Shoot

When we were approached by a local professional singer to oversee their promotional photography, our creative team were flowing with ideas almost immediately.

The artist specialises in swing, jazz standards, and classic soft rock, soul and pop music from the 70’s and 80’s. Understanding what the photos would be ultimately used for – business cards, demo album covers, their website and other materials – was vital in order to ensure the best possible results.

With the singer’s to-be-launched website targeting the wedding market, we needed to make sure the pictures reflected romance – something we agreed was just as important as creating a classy, contemporary look. This singer had to look desirable.

We started by using standard lighting strobes for some brighter, airy initial shots. We then worked to achieve moody, atmospheric pictures through the use of carefully placed lighting.

Changing the background to back velvet and reducing the number of lights to just two helped achieve this. One softbox strip light combined with a hair light and we began to produce some astounding shots. Our expertise and time used were effectively once again.

Dozens of pictures later and we were able to capture the right look. Our client and his team were just as happy with the results as we were. He now boasts an excellent portfolio of professional photos including superb action shots of him singing and on the guitar.