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How to Capture Fun Family Photos – Our Guide

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Taking photographs is one of the best ways to treasure special moments in life. Photos do not only preserve memories, but they can also help you keep track of your milestones. As a parent or a soon-to-be parent, keeping photographs of your child is probably one of the things that excite you the most. You would love to see how your child grew and developed over the years.

Although anyone can now easily take photos using their mobile phones, there’s something about a family photoshoot that makes it more intimate and memorable. Because who doesn’t like professional-looking photos with bokeh backgrounds?

Also, forget about all those stiff-looking photos with dull white or summer backgrounds, and make your family photoshoot more personal. With that, here are three steps you can follow to help you capture your fun family moments:

First: Find the Perfect Location

When it comes to family photoshoots, some people would probably think of posing in studios with huge lights. These days, though, most parents prefer outdoor photoshoots. You may also choose to go to popular tourist destinations to have your photos taken. However, remember that you don’t need to spend a ton of money just for the location.

When choosing a location, choose one that means something to your family. Doing so will make all of you feel comfortable and confident enough to make good poses in front of the camera, especially if you have a little child with you. 

If your family often goes to picnics, then you can choose a beautiful open park. If you all love sports, you may want to do it in courts. The goal here is to find a location that will reflect your family’s lifestyle and identity.

Second: Wear Comfortable Clothes

People often overthink their outfits when doing photoshoots or merely going to an event because, of course, everyone loves to look good. When you wear clothes that are too tight or unmatching, though, you’ll probably look the opposite of what you want.

Once you have all agreed to the location, the next thing you’ll need to do is to make sure that you’re all wearing appropriate clothing, depending on the place. Avoid wearing pointy heels in a grassy park, for example. Most of all, make sure that you are comfortable with the clothes you wear. Otherwise, you’ll end up overanalysing your poses, and it will make the photos look awkward.

Wear good-fitting clothes that will allow you to move around and have fun with your family while still looking neat and polished.

Third: Be in the Moment

Cliché as it may sound, but being in the moment is the best tip you can follow to make your photos look beautiful. Candid photos now look more magical than before. Even photographers today are obsessed with taking shots of small intimate moments.

Remember that you’re doing a family photoshoot not only to have great portraits but also to preserve precious moments with your family. Be in the moment and appreciate what you have and your photographs will reflect that.

The best photos are those that are captured with genuine emotions. It is the photos of you gently holding your child’s hand, laughing with your partner, and tightly hugging your family that you would love to look at years later.


Your location can bring out your confidence, and the clothes that you’re wearing will help you look at your best when you do your family photoshoot. More importantly, it is being present that can make an ordinary photograph look extraordinary and special.

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