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The Top Reasons Why You Need to Get a Professional Business Headshot

When it comes to first impressions, a business headshot can say a lot about you. Thanks to technology, there isn’t much of a demand for physical ID photos anymore, and that can make it tempting to simply upload a selfie to your LinkedIn profile.

The ease with which we can take photos today is exactly why hiring a commercial photographer for your headshot can make all the difference in how employers perceive you as a potential employee. Not quite convinced? Here’s why you should book a professional for your business headshot.

Recruiters can easily find you online

Your social media profiles can play a make-or-break role in whether or not you book a job you’ve applied for. If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, always assume that any potential employers are looking you up—and you won’t want to be caught looking foolish in your display photo. Did you know that it only takes people a tenth of a second to form an impression on someone based on their photo? Though you’ll be making your actual first impression during your interview, a masterfully taken headshot on your social media can help you stand out.

It can help you network

“Networking” is a buzzword that you’ve probably heard all too often when talking about your career. Developing working relationships can lead to new job opportunities, contracts, or other exciting engagements that you won’t want to miss out on. A headshot makes you memorable and can exist outside of just your resume or business card. If nothing else, potential employers who aren’t great with names will be much more likely to remember your face.

You may need the boost of confidence

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words, and a headshot can ensure that you’re making the best impression possible. The more you look the part of a professional, the more comfortable and confident you’ll be playing the part. Though a high-quality profile photo may seem peripheral, having one will encourage others (yourself included) to take you more seriously. Pick an outfit that reinforces professionalism but is also one that you’re comfortable in. If you’re happy with your look, your confidence will show!

Your look will stay up-to-date

If you’ve taken a previous headshot and remain happy with its quality, then this may suffice. But if your headshot was taken years ago, you aren’t really being honest about how you look now. Something as simple as an outdated picture can make you look inauthentic.

It can advance your career

Remember—your personal brand doesn’t just reflect on your CV, website, or social media. It can also reflect on your headshot. How you carry yourself in a photograph can provide recruiters with a glimpse at your personality. If you want to position yourself as laid back or approachable, smile! If you’re more interested in presenting yourself as someone who is determined or headstrong, go for a more serious expression. Whatever the case, working with a professional photographer can help you achieve that perfect image.


Are you gunning for a life-changing role but don’t quite have that stellar headshot? It’s time to book a session and get shots that represent who you are as a professional. Proper headshots establish your professionalism, help recruiters put a face to the name, and have the potential to help you land your dream job.

If you’re looking to partner up with a commercial photographer in Liverpool, we’re here for you. View this video to understand more about what you can expect during a professional business headshot session and get in touch to book your own!