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3 Tips on Mastering Posing for a Successful Headshot Session – Our Guide

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In the business world, a professional headshot is a wonderful way to introduce yourself and make a memorable first impression. Whether you’re an owner of a company or applying for your first job, proper headshots are an excellent investment that will showcase your professionalism.

While a professional wardrobe stylist and makeup artist can help you look your best in your photos, they won’t matter if your posing is awkward and strained. The way you hold yourself speaks volumes about who you are, which is why practising different positions and mastering various poses is essential to ensure that your shoot runs smoothly and successfully.

As a portrait photographer in the UK, I have three posing tips that will help you go into your photoshoot prepared and with confidence:

1. Practise your facial expressions

Your facial expression provides people with a glimpse of your personality. When you want to look as professional and approachable as possible on your headshots, it is essential that you check your facial expressions in the mirror or take a few test shots with your phone before heading to the photo session.

Communicate with your eyes and make them appear engaging. Practise your smile and ensure it extends to your eyes while not looking strained. At the same time, remember to avoid squinting or wrinkling your nose or forehead.

2. Relax your body posture

Being in front of the camera can understandably make you feel self-conscious, especially if you are not used to it. Discomfort can make you appear tense and awkward in the final shots. To prevent this from happening, get ready by practising various poses in front of the camera and determining how to naturally work your best angles before your headshot session.

Unfortunately, looking effortless isn’t as effortless as it seems. It will require some practice. Whether you are going to use your headshot to audition for a role or apply for a job, get comfortable with maintaining a relaxed stance as it will help you appear confident, friendly, and pleasant. A good tip to keep in mind is to pull your shoulders back and down. This will relax your hands, arms, and shoulders, minimizing any stiffness and awkwardness you may be displaying.

When figuring out the poses you want to use, experiment by positioning your body using different angles until you find a handful that accentuates your best features.

3. Rehearse your hand placement

Your hands or arms play a major role in your overall body language. The way you position them can translate into aloofness or reflect your welcoming personality. Even if your hands aren’t in all the photos, learn how to position them properly. Avoid making fists and learn to angle your shoulders back and down in a way that exudes confidence and doesn’t make you come across as awkward, uncooperative, or fierce.


Your headshot is a way of introducing yourself and your chance to create a positive impression, which is why it is essential that you have it professionally taken.

While you can depend on hands-on photographers to guide you in posing during your headshot session, it is best to come in prepared by rehearsing various poses, positions, and facial expressions. Regardless of your pose and body position, make sure to look and feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible in front of the camera, and don’t forget to flash your confident smile because it will be represented in the photo.

Whether you are interested in having a professional corporate photo session or a confidence-building makeover photoshoot, you can depend on our photographers to produce high-quality images you need.

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