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Preparing for a Family Photo Shoot: 4 Ways to Look Your Best

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Taking family photos is one of the most precious ways to document memories. It solidifies moments you can cherish and look back over as the years go by. They mark special events, such as birthdays, weddings, reunions, and even family holidays.

Due to the value these photographs hold, it’s important to prepare for the shoot in advance. After all, these photos will be treasured for years, and you’ll want to both look and feel your best.

Here are our four tips for looking your best during your family photoshoot:

1 – Prioritise comfort

You will find a ton of tips on what to wear on the big photoshoot day, but one of the most vital things to remember is that comfort is key. A family shoot isn’t a glamour shoot—you don’t want to show up dressed in an overly formal manner and wearing enough makeup to appear an entirely different person. Aside from making you less recognisable in photos, discomfort can translate into unnatural posing and forced smiles. 

Instead of experimenting with your wardrobe, wear an upgraded version of your favourite comfortable outfit. Instead of a suit or dress, grab a button-up or a soft flowy skirt.

2 – Rest well and eat better

If you have children, try to avoid scheduling a family photoshoot at naptime, bedtime, or wake up time. You will want them to feel refreshed, rested, and comfortable, otherwise you’ll have a difficult time keeping them from crying or throwing a tantrum during the shoot.

The same principle applies to the rest of your family, you won’t be looking your best if you are exhausted with bags under your eyes. Therefore, make sure that everyone gets enough sleep the night before the shoot. If lunch or dinner is part of the after-shoot plan, make sure to have snacks on hand during the session. 

3 – Keep everyone interested

If you’re dealing with children, you cannot expect them to be as enthusiastic about the family photoshoot. While they understand the process, they won’t quite grasp the significance of it all. To get them to be more involved, calmly explain by showing them past photos of themselves. Help them realise the value of taking photographs, remind them that it’s okay to be silly and take part in such a fun activity. By encouraging them to have fun, you’ll reduce any discomfort and nerves they may be feeling in front of people and the camera. 

4 – Embrace the natural

The main goal of the photoshoot is to get stunning shots of your family, smiling and having fun in front of the camera. While these shots are lovely to hold on to, remember that candid shots often turn out to be the best. You will want your family to engage and remain natural in front of the camera, as doing so will capture the “real” you. Your smiles will end up being more genuine!

The Takeaway

As discussed, family photos are some of the best ways you can keep memories intact. You’ll have plenty to look back to over the years, reminiscing and smiling as you realise how much everyone has grown. By putting some effort into preparing before the shoot, you will end up with photographs to cherish forever! 

If you’re looking for family photoshoot services in Liverpool, we won’t disappoint. With over 40 years of experience, we’ll capture your most cherished memories and turn them into photographs you can keep. Reach out to us today to find out more!