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Why Hire a Professional Corporate Event Photographer

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Corporate events are gatherings most employees look forward to every year. They are times that they get to put water cooler talk to the side for a while to relax, exchange stories, learn new things, and meet other people.

Plenty of team members will be walking around socialising with their coworkers, taking photos on their smartphones throughout the event. While smartphone photos make for great memories and can be a fun way to recap the night, you probably shouldn’t rely on them as the official source of your event photographs.

Corporate events are special functions that require a professional photographer. Here’s why a corporate event photographer should get an invite to your next function:

1. They have the right equipment

They say it’s the skills, not the camera, that matter when taking photographs. While this holds a lot of truth, you cannot deny how a special lens and a good camera enhances the quality of a photo.

Working with an event photographer is working with someone who has both the skills and the gear to produce great output. They have invested in the equipment and training to produce the quality photos you pay for.

2. They can work with the given space and the crowd

Because of their training and experience, seasoned photographers are able to work discreetly without disturbing the event flow, an important part of keeping any gathering as organic as possible. They recognise the right time and place to take the shot. Professionals also don’t need fancy setups to perform their jobs well (unless it’s part of the project description). They’re also used to working with all kinds of people and know their boundaries.

3. They have a professional work ethic

Once the project briefing is done, professional photographers already have an idea of what to capture in your event. They’ll ask you more questions to develop an understanding of the event and how best to capture it in photographs. All of the information they gather; event venue, program flow, attendees, etc. will help them produce the best photos possible.

4. They are reliable

Professional event photographers often charge higher rates compared to other photographers. That’s because they have a particular skill set that other photographers may not. Their experience has prepared them to work in corporate settings where professional conduct is a must. You shouldn’t have to worry about them forgetting to bring a piece of equipment or an extra battery because they’ve mastered the art of preparing for anything. If you’re paying them more than other photographers, it’s because you’re paying for better service.

5. The photos you get serve more than just memories

If you work with a corporate photographer, your event photos will look professional. They are captured with the right composition and tell stories about your event. They blend in seamlessly with your other marketing materials and you should be able to add your brand logo to them proudly. Whether they’re displayed on social media, print media, or the quarterly revenue, the set of photos will be something you can be proud of.

6. You let your people enjoy

With professional photographers around to capture every moment, there’s no need to put the burden on your employees. Let them sit back and have a good time! After all, this event is for them.

When it comes to an event as anticipated as the annual office party, everyone should be allowed to take as many or as little photos as they want. Plus, having dedicated photographers will ensure all the important aspects of the event are documented. Let the professionals take care of it so your employees can focus on having a good time!


The best way to remember a special company event is by capturing the precious shared moments and turning them into beautiful photos. A single photograph can tell a thousand stories. Make sure your photos will allow you to share memorable stories as you reminisce about them in the future.

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