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4 Foolproof Tips to Getting the Best Wedding Photos – Our Guide

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Preparing for a wedding can be an exciting but stressful experience—with dresses to pick out, invitations to design, and everything else to prepare, the stress can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, much of the wedding day is fleeting. The cake you have spent months trying to pick out will eventually get eaten, and those flowers will wither and fade. The music stops playing and at the end of the night, your dress will be placed in a wardrobe for safekeeping.

To ensure that the memory of your wedding lives on, capturing the best moments through photography is crucial. Your wedding photos serve as moments preserved, to be looked back to with smiles on your faces as the years pass by.

You would naturally want everything to look and feel authentic, capturing the beauty of the moment. The best way to do this is by hiring a professional photographer, which can take out a huge chunk of your budget. With beautiful photographs to keep, the expenses will be well worth it.

To ensure that your wedding photos turn out as beautifully as possible, however, here are important things you must take into consideration:

Tip #1: Begin your search early

The ideal time to begin your wedding photographer search is a year prior to the date. Make sure to browse through the internet for portfolios, along with wedding photography styles that you like best. Never hesitate to ask help from others, as the word of mouth remains king. You’ll likely find the best possible photographer through recommendations and reviews, so keep your options open!

Tip #2: Decide carefully

After you’ve put together a list of prospective photographers, the next step is to review their work. Consider how they have captured weddings. Were they able to capture key moments, such as dance floor wedding fun, intimate family moments, and crucial posed portraits? Does their portfolio capture the same love and emotion you want in your photos? Make sure that their compositions are well-thought-out and creative, completely encapsulating the best moments.

Tip #3: Create a shot list

Remember that you and your photographer are a team—while you may trust their work, it is also important for them to listen to your vision. Your wedding day is important, but remember to stick to the most important shots! To ensure that your photographer documents all the important aspects of your day, create a shot list. Include specifications such as black and white shots, stunning shots of flower centrepieces, flat lays of the cake and buffet table, and other overlooked areas of your wedding. With a shot list in hand, your photographer will be delivering the best of your wedding day’s memories!

Tip #4: Keep touch-up supplies ready

You will be running around all day as the centre of attention, so it’s important to ensure that you look at your best. Even with the help of a professional hair and make-up artist, you will want to look as impeccable as possible for the cameras. With that being said, pack all your essentials: blotting paper, face tissues, bobby pins, and lipstick.

The Bottom Line

Your wedding is a life milestone that deserves to be documented. It is the result of months and months of stressful preparation, and even with so much work and effort, the entire day is fleeting. With the help of a professional photographer, however, you’ll be able to capture all the day’s best moments, carefully kept in your treasured album of memories. As you continue your wedding preparations, remember to keep the aforementioned tips in mind!

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