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5 Instances That Warrant a Professional Photographer’s Services

University graduation event

Life is full of precious moments that should be preserved forever. Few things hurt more than a fun and memorable event that was not properly recorded. Photos are a great way to keep memories alive, as they capture those special moments right as they occur. It is also a fun way to commemorate past events and immortalise the fashion and technology that was in use at the time.

While plenty of daily moments can be captured on smartphones, there are some events better off recorded by professionals. Here are five instances that warrant the services of a professional photographer:

University Graduation

What better way to commemorate one of the most major milestones of your child’s life than with a photo taken by a professional photographer? University graduations are special occasions that mark the beginning of adulthood. These are special memories that will be looked back upon fondly for years to come. A smartphone photo won’t do—get a professional for the job!

Engagement and Wedding Photos

Engagements and weddings are also major life events that absolutely require the presence of a seasoned photographer. Given all the preparation that goes into such an event, your engagement and wedding photos must be handled by a professional. An amateur with a DSLR camera won’t be enough. Engagements and weddings are full of once-in-a-lifetime moments that you can’t do over. While everyone is busy enjoying the moment, an expert will make sure that these memories are captured in time.

Family Portraits

Family portraits can be hard to pull off without the help of a professional photographer. If there are young children involved, it can be even more difficult to round them up and get them to sit still. Professional photographers are well-trained in creating stories through their stunning portraits and are sure to bring out the charisma and charm of your family. Hiring a professional photographer to shoot your family portraits will be one of the most valuable investments you can make.

Holiday Card Photos

The family holiday card usually goes out to your entire address book, so of course you’d want them to be nothing short of perfect. These cards show how your family has grown over the past year, whether it was your youngest son’s growth spurt or a new addition to the family. As many families opt for a theme, these are charming memories an expert photographer will ensure you’ll want to look back on.

Professional Business Headshots

The photo on your CV or portfolio can make a huge impact on your professional reputation. A shabbily-lit and blurry photo may communicate that you aren’t serious about your career, but a clear headshot with an appropriate background says you mean business. Whether you are an estate agent, an actor, or a flight attendant, a professionally-taken business headshot will always be beneficial to you. Although it may not be a momentous occasion, a professional business headshot could pique someone’s interest and open doors to career paths or projects that could change your life. 


Many events in life are perfect in the moment and should be remembered as accurately as possible—and this can be achieved through the help of a professional photographer. When your memories are forever captured by an expert storyteller, these moments will always be fresh. You’ll remember the moments as if they happened yesterday!

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