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5 Times You Should Hire a Professional Photographer

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Ever since cameras became ubiquitously attached to smartphones, taking photos has never been easier. With each year that passes, camera phones become more sophisticated and need much less manipulation. Novice users can take professional-level photos with the touch of a button.

While the technology has drastically improved in such a way that you do not need a degree in photography to take beautiful shots, there is still no substitute for creative skills and a professional’s trained eye. Whether for personal or business use, here are the five times you should hire a commercial photographer to take your photos:

1. Your CV headshot

A resume is a summary of your educational background and your professional experience that includes just one picture of you. In one photograph, a recruiter should be able to see your best angle, discover your best traits, and be able to tell if you are the right person for the job. Whether that’s actually possible with one photograph is debatable, but you will want a picture that projects you in the best way possible.

2. Social media for business

If you are using social media for business, hiring a commercial photographer will help you elevate your content and set it apart from any ordinary personal accounts. Professionally-taken photos can help you stand out, especially in visual-heavy platforms like Instagram, where you need eye-catching and provocative images to get people’s attention.   

3. Corporate press releases

Corporate missives need to have an air of authority. The press release itself will be written by a marketing or corporate communications executive who is adept at using the right language, so the accompanying visuals should also come off as competent and credible. You do not need to take thought-provoking photos, but you do want them to look polished, to convey professionalism, and to make your company look like it knows what it’s doing.

4. Real estate photography

The challenge of photographing real estate is that you can’t ask the subject to turn their face to catch the light or strike a different pose. Real estate photography’s subject is static and substantial. Sometimes some property subjects are not physically interesting at all. Still, you need to make them look appealing enough to attract potential investors and make the property look worth its big price tag.

5. Branding materials

You should carefully consider anything that you are going to use to identify your brand. If you invest in good logo design, you should also put the same amount of effort into photographs that are supposed to represent your brand. Grainy, out-of-focused, amateur photos can dampen your credibility. Suppose you are going to put together newsletters, catalogues, or a brand book. In that case, you need a professional photographer to put everything together and make it look cohesive with your brand’s values.

Even if it seems cheaper and easier to do everything yourself, especially when conventional cameras are readily available, do not compromise on quality. You aren’t paying commercial photographers for the fancy equipment they use, but rather the impressive skill it takes to illuminate, layout, and frame a subject and showcase it in the best light.

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