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Professional Headshots: Guidelines for an Impressive Portrait Photo

professional headshot

While the adage, ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’ is commonly preached, it sadly is not the practice in the professional world. Whether you like it or not, others are quick to form an opinion of you based on the way you look. Your success in the real world, therefore, depends not only on your skills and experience but also on the first impression you have left with your colleagues.

This is what makes professional headshots incredibly important. It impacts your online brand and your success in building a professional network. A great professional portrait can easily attract clients and potential business partners, while a blurry one can harm your reputation and drive prospective customers away.

To help you achieve a professional headshot that will take your career to the next level, here are some guidelines to follow.

1. Ensure Your Photos Are In High Resolution

Regardless of your outfit or your setting, your efforts will be in vain if your face is out of focus. Blurry photos can make you look unprofessional and your online profile dubious, therefore crippling your potential.

To avoid this, it is best to invest in the right camera if you are doing this on your own. Moreover, compared to digital platforms like LinkedIn, remember that you will need higher resolution photos to get the best quality for printed materials.

2. Choose a Simple Background

Cluttered backgrounds can easily put off potential clients and headhunters. Considering this, avoid cropping your face from photos taken on busy occasions such as a beach vacation, a dinner, a concert, and so on.

Rather, set up a simple background like a plain white wall or a professional setting such as a decluttered desk or an organised bookshelf.

3. Ensure the Place is Well-lit

Another thing you have to look out for is your lighting. Avoid taking photos late in the day or during night time as the absence of light in these times can cast shadows on your face or make the photos dim. If you decide to use a bright flash or a lamp, you need to set them up strategically to illuminate all parts of your face equally.

The best way to go around this is to take your photos early in the morning or the late afternoon. Sit near a window to take advantage of the natural light.

4. Choose Your Outfit

You should choose the outfit you will wear for your headshot just like how you choose the outfit you will wear to a job interview or an important meeting with a client. Find a suitable business attire and make sure that they are ironed and straightened out.

Moreover, avoid shirts with tight patterns or those with bold and bright colours as they usually come out distorted in photos. Shiny accessories and jewellery may also come out distracting as they reflect the camera’s flash, so you should choose them carefully.

5. Practice Your Facial Expressions

After you have covered all the details from the camera, the background, and your outfit, the last thing to go over is your facial expressions and eye contact.

If you are not quite used to having your photo taken, it is a smart idea to rehearse in front of a mirror beforehand. Especially if you work in service-oriented industries, your goal is to convey trust through your professional headshot. Great eye contact with the camera and flashing your most genuine smile can help you achieve just that.


When it comes to your online profile, you need a picture that projects you in the best way possible. That said, you should avoid cropping yourself from group photos or using random selfies. Follow the tips above and you can achieve a professional-looking portrait photo and boost your business profile.

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