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How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos

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Most weddings are hectic events. Unlike the photo inspiration you can find in magazines and on Pinterest during the planning stage, you probably won’t have enough time to pose for the perfect shot. In between greeting guests, getting ready for the event, and exchanging “I do’s”, it may be difficult to remember how to stand correctly or how to keep the shot balanced.

Most of the work of creating beautiful photos will thankfully rest on your wedding photographer. Their years of experience prepares them to find the perfect angles and flattering profiles with minimal preparation. When you have a photographer, you can trust, you can allow them to direct the key photography moments to capture. Listen to their instruction and avoid interfering with their creative process.

Even if you aren’t a professional model, there are some tips you can practice before the big day so you can look your best in the photographs. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Shoulders back

Some people tend to crouch or cower when they pose. You might be feeling a little vulnerable or insecure during your wedding day. However, poor posture can make you look like you are heavier or wider than you actually are. Stand straight with your shoulders back. It will not only improve your figure, but also reflect confidence and self-assurance.

2. Relax your face and body

You will probably have a million things to worry about during the day. You may not have had a good night’s rest, either. Nevertheless, your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so focus on the positive rather than negative. Before you pose, take a moment to relax, being conscious of the tension in your face, down to your shoulders, mid-section, and lower part of your body.

3. Stand naturally

While you might have seen some creative inspiration shots, you should not imitate them if they do not reflect you or your partner’s personality. You want the photos to look natural, not contrived or forced. Candid poses make for funny images, but you also do not need to do anything extra to make the shot memorable. Stand comfortably, embrace one another, and let your happy faces do the talking.

4. Think of something funny

Usually, people’s best smiles emerge when they laugh. When you want to look your best, think of a funny memory or share a joke with your guests. Your wedding photographer might prod you to laugh as well. Keep the mood light, and that glow will radiate in your photos too!

5. Think about your partner, not about posing

More than anything, your wedding day is about capturing the love you and your partner share. You don’t need to do anything extraordinary to display this. Some of the most beautiful wedding shots capture casual moments of interaction between couples, so focus on one another and not on the cameras.

Your wedding day will come and go, but the photographs will last forever. Be conscious of your body language and facial expressions, because photos will pick up on these minute changes. Even if everything does not go according to plan, look for reasons to smile and be happy throughout the day.

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