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3 Practical E-Commerce Product Photo Tips for Conversion

E-Commerce Product PhotoIn a world where e-commerce is now more relevant than ever, a common saying that never ceases to ring true is that nothing makes products sell better than high-quality presentation.

Whether it is a detailed and captivating article that emphasises all the benefits of a product or a video that shows its details, having the right assets will undoubtedly make a world of difference. As British consumers continue to rely on the Internet to make their purchasing decisions, it is no surprise that the way you present your products will determine your success. 

Among the different ways to showcase your product for more profit, however, there is one specific solution that you must get familiar with more than anything else: product photography.

Why product photography is essential and a few tips to help you sell more

Photos are often seen as the primary asset that any knowledgeable business looking to tap into the world of e-commerce must use because of how it affects buying decisions. 

Whether you are selling a new car, advertising properties in Liverpool or London, or promoting your home cooking, having high-quality photos will always make a world of difference in your efforts. If you were to look at all the most successful companies that have succeeded online, you will notice that they all use high-quality product photography. 

Fortunately, having beautiful product photos and getting the entire photography process right is not as tricky or dependent on luck as you might expect. If you want to create captivating photos that sell, here are three tips to consider when capturing your products: 

Tip #1: Focus on shooting the products

In our professional opinion, one of the most prevalent mistakes that e-commerce business owners make whenever they capture their products or services is that they overthink the whole idea.

What this means is that instead of creating a photo that draws attention to the product, many first-timers focus on other unnecessary details like fancy backgrounds. This is what often makes for a counterproductive experience. If you want to create photos that are captivating enough to drive your conversions up, you will need to focus your attention on how you can make your product the star of the shot!

Tip #2: Shoot from multiple angles in high quality

If you were to look at how your customers typically interact with a product photo, you may notice that they are inclined to zoom in on every shot they see. 

Although it may seem quite peculiar at first, this habit is a common one because customers want to see the details of what they are buying, especially if they cannot see the product before buying it. By taking the time to shoot your product from multiple angles in high quality, you can encourage potential buyers that what you are offering is worth paying for!

Tip #3: Invest in the services of a professional

Admittedly, not every business owner has the capability to turn their expectations of a high-quality product shot into reality on their own.

As opposed to losing potential sales on poorly-shot product photos, we highly recommend going for a professional instead. This is because it also works as an investment that will make your products more desirable in the long run. Suppose you are a business owner in Liverpool or London that needs a professional-grade product photographer to do your products justice. In that case, there is no need to look any further because our team has got you covered!


If you want to see your products sell more as you get into the world of e-commerce, you must start strong by investing in product photography. With the help of the three critical tips mentioned above, you will eventually shoot your online efforts straight to success by coming up with attractive and compelling product photos that will fetch you more profit!

Are you looking for a product photographer in Liverpool? Our professionals have you covered so that you have all the right photos to make your products a must-have on any shopper’s list. Get in touch with us today for a free quote!