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How to Work With Your Event Photographers for Great Pictures

For some small events, hiring an amateur photographer may be enough to cover the entire affair. However, other events may call for professional-level services to ensure that everything is captured in its best light. This is especially true for businesses that run large-scale events to connect with the public and create brand awareness.

If you feel like your event is too important to leave it in an amateur’s hands, enlisting a professional is the best way to go. However, this still does not mean you will get the best results possible. That will come with proper planning, and if you have never planned a photography shot list before, here is how to do it.

 1. Identify your goals

The first thing you should do when working with a photography company is to share your goals with them. Do you plan to post the pictures on social media? Are you going to have them printed on posters?

These insights will allow the photographer to consider your needs for each shot. This ensures that the photos you end up with can help you accomplish the goals. For example, if you plan to upload the pictures on Instagram, the photographers can make sure their photos are wide enough to be cropped as needed.

 2. Show examples

Remember, photographers are visual professionals. The best way to show them what you want from the photos is to give them a visual example. You can easily do this by going online and searching for images that interest you. It can be anywhere from Google Images to social media platforms like Instagram.

These examples help your photographers understand the types of shots you want to have, allowing them to do their best to replicate it as they capture photos for your event.

 3. Share the timeline

You will likely have an event timeline set to remind you of what is going to happen next, who is going to do what, and so on. This is vital information that is helpful for photographers because it can help them know where they should be at any given moment. 

 4. Show the venue

If you have the layout of the venue, it is also vital that you share it with the photographer. This way, they can quickly look for spots to set up their equipment. You can also access the venue early on and give your photographers a tour of the place, if possible. That way, they can more easily identify the best spots to be in and set up their equipment early on to be ready for when the event starts.


You can do many other things to make sure the photographers are fully ready for the event. For instance, you can tell them about key guests you want to have pictures of. That way, they can be ready once these people arrive and provide you with a good selection of photos.

Planning with your photographers early on will give them the best chances of taking the right types of pictures. With that, you can use the photos to accomplish your goals, whether that be sharing it on social media or having them printed out for display.

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