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Everything You Need to Know About Product Photography

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Online shopping is popular because it offers convenience, affordability, and variety. Instead of heading to the store in person to buy desired goods, your customers can explore all their options at the comfort of their homes. All it takes is several clicks to have their items delivered right at their doorstep. However, this option lacks the touch-feel-try experience that in-person shopping offers, which can create concerns over the quality of your products.

As an eCommerce business owner, you have to prioritise attracting your potential customers and encouraging them to buy from you. One of the most effective ways to do that is to add high-quality product photos on your website.

Why Are Product Photos Important?

One of the downsides of online shopping is that buyers cannot touch or feel your products. While descriptive captions can help them visualise your products, you can entice more potential customers when you incorporate photos into your website.

When online shoppers are on the hunt for products, they quickly scroll through the possibilities. Photos that catch their attention causes them to stop and check for more details. Through product photography, you can show your items from multiple angles, showcase their best features, and encourage your potential customers to make a purchase.

What Are the Types of Product Photos?

As a business owner, you have to prepare to provide a wide variety of photos. The two basic types are products taken over a seamless white background from multiple angles with detail shots that concentrate on important selling-point features. Another type of product photos is lifestyle photos of the items used in context.

Aside from those two basic types, you can also take 360-degree product photos, super-high-resolution photos for zooming, and ghost mannequin photos. While not every selling platform requires all of these, you can use product photos depending on your preferences and requirements. Just make sure to take time to shoot high-quality images or hire a skilled commercial photographer.

What Makes a Product Photo Great?

Excellent product photos require good lighting, exposure, and focus. You have to produce shots that capture the attention of your customers right away and portray your items accurately. When shooting, make sure to work with natural lighting that does not cast harsh shadows, use simple backgrounds to let the viewers focus on your products, and expose all colours, shapes, and details of your goods properly.

Ideally, your photos should require minimal editing to help you save time and effort, so ensure that the products are correctly focused right from the beginning. Finally, show your items in the proper context and make them the centre of attention in your shots.

Product photography often requires quality equipment and the right skills. If you lack the necessary experience and tools to produce such high-quality photos, opt to work with our product photographer in Liverpool instead. We can help you entice your potential customers and showcase your products accurately.


Old, low-quality photos will not work when you are offering products online. Your customers value quality images, so you have to prioritise using product photos that help you sell. Follow the tips mentioned in this guide and consider working with a company with experienced product photographers to provide your shoppers with a virtual replacement of the retail hands-on experience.

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