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Photography services are something that many people overlook as an aspect of an event. While many people think that an events photographer is a small aspect that is not as important as the main gigs of any event—this is simply not true! A professional photographer can offer notable archive-ready works that can be used for […]

Life is full of precious moments that should be preserved forever. Few things hurt more than a fun and memorable event that was not properly recorded. Photos are a great way to keep memories alive, as they capture those special moments right as they occur. It is also a fun way to commemorate past events […]

It was an exciting day as it was the first time I had been commissioned to work at the Hard Day’s Night hotel. Our team arrived around 1pm to capture the Christening of Lula and Richie’s special day. We had previously attended the church in Woolton Village to take a few photographs of the immediate family. […]