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All You Need To Know About Commercial Photography

As its name suggests, commercial photography is the business of creating photos for commercial use. Commercial photography can be used in many different forms, but the most apparent use of this form is found in advertising. Business owners and marketers alike use such photos for social media posts, print ads, brochures, and merchandising. 

Commercial photography is not about any particular form of art style; it is about the ability to use photos to sell products or services. In this article are four examples of photography styles that we regularly see in commercial photography. These photography “genres” are already art forms on their own, but are among the most common types we see in commercial photography because of their subject matter. 


Fashion photography

Fashion photography is the process of taking photographs of articles of clothing as worn by a human model. While the compositional techniques used in fashion photography highlight the uniqueness of a garment, it does so in relation to a human figure wearing it!

The key to good fashion photography is finding ways to make the resulting photograph unique. Besides mastering lights and composition, fashion photographers also need to be creative in coming up with striking poses that accentuate the product they are trying to market.

Product photography 

Another big part of commercial photography is product photography. Much like still-life art in the painting world, product photography focuses on capturing interesting details about a particular product. Product photographers often use exaggerated perspectives, dramatic lighting, and clean compositional techniques to highlight a product’s unique characteristics. 

For example, a product photographer working with a laptop computer manufacturer may be instructed to highlight particular features of the item, such as an improved keyboard layout or the thinness of the device. 

Food photography 

Contrary to popular belief, food photography did not start with Instagram users taking more time snapping pretty pictures of their meals than actually eating them. If you have ever ordered and got disappointed by food that did not look half as good as its picture on the menu, then you already understand the importance of a professional food photographer’s work.

Good food photography does not just entail knowing how to work a camera, but it also means having a good grasp of plating techniques. Food photographers also need to ensure that the lighting makes the food look enticing while still remaining “natural.” 

Environmental Portraits 

Environmental portraits capture people doing work in a suitable environment. This style of photography is a staple of commercial photography because it helps them visualise how a specific product is being used. As a result, environmental portraits are often bundled with product photography. 

Environmental portraits also do well in representing service-oriented businesses. If you are selling a janitorial service, then it is wise to include a picture of well-dressed, adequately equipped, and happy workers doing their job. 



Commercial photography is not a definite style of photography; it is the ability to use the artform to sell products or services. A commercial photographer is, therefore, a versatile photographer able to effectively work with any subject matter as long as it serves your business needs. 

The services of this type of photographer can be used in everything, from print ads, brochures, social media posts, to flyers, tarpaulins or billboards. As such, ensure to hire the services of a competent commercial photographer near you to boost your business!

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